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We are passionate about training and equipping Christian leaders with everything they need to serve, reach and influence the world for Christ.
We invite you to become part of Elim Leadership College and discover your calling and gifting. Get trained and equipped to make those dreams God has for you a reality.

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Our Elim Integrated Christian School community aims for each student to be inspired, responsible, academically and practically skilled lifelong learners, living their Christian values and exploring their God-given potential, to achieve personal excellence for God’s glory.

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Early Learning Centres

Elim Early Learning Centres are family focused childcare providers. We have a heart for our communities and provide a faith based environment. Our children learn through teacher guided learning experiences, adventurous play and build long lasting relationships. Children will experience a fun, lively and interactive environment where their needs are met in a positive and caring manner. Elim Early Learning Centres are all about equipping children to be confident and competent learners - able to understand and relate with the world around them.

Lower Hutt